Artists in residence

For many years, literati, musicians, philosophers and artists have returned to the Upper Engadin again and again to write, compose, practise, think and paint, surrounded by the enchanting, breathtaking scenery. The Laudinella, established as a hotel and cooperative to cater for the music camps that were popular in the 1950s, is actively living its cultural origins through its Artist in Residence programme. In close collaboration with various cultural partners, artists from all genres are invited to stay here and engage in their professional activities.

Laudinella meets Literaturhaus München meets Bayerische Akademie des Schreibens

The cooperation between the Literaturhaus München and the Hotel Laudinella enters its second year. From 25.06 – 1. july, 5 authors who have participated at seminars of the Bayerische Akademie des Schreibens are taking up residence at the Laudinella*: Katja Bohnet, Nava Ebrahimi, Benedikt Feiten, Nikola Huppertz and Denis Pfabe. The selection of the autors is so colorful and different like the offer of this further educational establishment. Meanwhile their first novel got published and they are lokking forward to work on new book projects in the mountains. On june 30th. they will give samples of their common work from this week on a public reading at the hotel.

Texte aus der Sommerfrische I

Texte aus der Sommerfrische II: Aus dem Luis-Trenker-Handbuch für Bergsteiger

Texte aus der Sommerfrische III: Sankt Moritz

Texte aus der Sommerfrische IV: Piz Julier

This newly established cooperation between the Literaturhaus and Laudinella foundations facilitates focused creative work and a artistic exchange, and is planned to continue over a number of years. The collaboration between the Laudinella and the Literaturhaus began in 2006 with an exhibition by the Literaturhaus entitled “Grand Hotel – Stage of Literature”, which was also shown in St. Moritz.

* The Bavarian acadeny of writing is a cooperation of the  des Literaturhaus München, the Literaturarchivs Sulzbach Rosenberg| Literaturhaus Oberpfalz, the Bavarian  Bavarian State Ministry of Education as the universities of Augsburg, Bamberg, Bayreuth, Erlangen, the LMU and TU Munich and the university Regensburg. Suported by the German Literature Fund.

Literaturhaus München

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Concours Géza Anda

The Géza Anda Foundation, set up in 1978 in commemoration of pianist Géza Anda promotes the development of promising young pianists by holding an international piano competition, which is held every three years in Zurich. The Concours Géza Anda is very special and unique – and not just because of the high-profile names who sit on the jury.

The Laudinella Foundation has been inviting the three prize-winners on residencies at the Laudinella since 1997. At the end of their stay, they each give a piano recital. They are all loving coming back to the Laudinella, even after having caused a sensation in the great concerts halls of the world.

The Géza Anda Foundation

Russian pianist Varvara on the Concours Géza Anda

Concours Géza Anda Artists in Residence (in German)